This is the most awesome Wok you will ever see.  Stir frying requires high heat and the Gradek Fire Pit paired with the Gradek Wok won’t disappoint.

A carbon steel wok is always better than a skillet for stir fry.  In a frying pan the food shifts to the opposite side of the pan while in a wok the ingredients can be stirred up the side of the wok and they will settle back into the well of the wok, where the heat is concentrated.  Less oil can be used in a wok than a skillet due to the design.

  • .187 (3/16″) thick carbon steel
  • Welded together with a 70,000 psi wire feed welding wire
  • 21lbs of Gradek Carbon Steel Fire Pit
  • 26″ x 26″

If you that really like to get technical, visit our Carbon Steel Tough page for more details.

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