About Gary Gradek

Gary Gradek has loved fabricating and working with metal his entire life and it shows in his products.

In 2009, the Gradek family purchased a small campsite on Lake Pillsbury.  Gary searched for a fire pit that would meet all of their families needs at their new campsite and found that the commercially available fire pits were of poor quality and selection.  Even some of the ‘higher end’ fire pits that were priced at several hundred dollars and available at local stores, were made from cheap materials and typically were just more ornate or decorative than the lower cost fire pits.

Gary set out to create the ultimate fire pit for his family campsite and thus the first Gradek Concepts Fire Pit was created.  As friends and family saw the fire pit, Gary found that they wanted one of their own.  Gary began experimenting with his design with each fire pit he built.  Friends and family tested the fire pit and gave important feedback and Gary continued to improve the design with each new fire pit he built.

Over time, Gary added a new air vent in the bottom and found that not only did it put out massive amounts of heat but it also dramatically reduced the smoke compared to that of traditional fire pits.  Gary later designed the Gradek Griddle, then the Gradek BBQ Grill, the Gradek Wok and then the Gradek Pizza Oven.

Gradek Concepts final products are the result of countless nights of experimentation, fabrication, testing and making meals and test fires with Gary’s friends and family.